一只小鸟正飞往南方过冬的途中。 天气太冷了,小鸟冻僵了,从天上掉下来,跌在一大片农田里。

A little bird dropped from the sky into a farm as it’s chilled to the bone due to the severe cold weather on its migratory way to the South.


Some time later, a cattle came over and relieved a piece of shit right on its small body.


the chilled bird fortunately found it’s really snug to stay in the shit and finally got its second wind.


Being happy and warm, the little bird couldn’t help singing out.


A cat passing by heard about the singing and came over to have a checking, pretty easily, it found the bird in cattle shit along the sound,
without any hesitation, the cat got the bird out and made it its great feast.


This story tends to tell us:
        1) Not everyone who gives you hard time, like shitting on you, is your enemy.
        2) Not everyone who gets you through the hard time, like getting you out of the shitty place, is your friend in need.
        3) The most important is you better button your lip when you are sharply having a hard time.